Courses for Clients

Parenting Marriage Free Webinar

This is a FREE 8-minute video for anyone interested in exploring a PM. Who it works for/doesn't work for, basics of what a PM is.

Parenting Marriage Intensive Package & BONUS video

Combines the PM Workbook with the 3-part webinar intensive for maximum guidance on setting up a Parenting Marriage. PRICE BREAK

Parenting Marriage Webinar Intensive

3-Part webinar series by Family Law Attorney, Mark Ressa, Financial Counselor, Susan Bross and Therapist, Susan Pease Gadoua, LCSW. 

Parenting Marriage Workbook

A 46-page downloadable book that outlines who a PM is right for & how to set it up. It includes sample agreements, timelines & templates.

One on One with Susan

Courses for Clinicians

The Phoenix Method for Divorce Recovery

4-Part Home-Study course for therapists to learn how to best provide resources, information & a support to divorcing clients. 7 CEs 

Is Marriage Becoming Extinct?

This class examines how marriage is changing. It is a MUST for therapists whose clients want alternatives to the traditional paradigm.
3 CEs

To Divorce or Not to Divorce: Helping Clients Get Out of Marital Indecision

This 2-part course helps therapists provide tools (workability factors) & information to clients stuck in marital indecision.
5 CEs